Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life-Of-Circle: Rooted in the Ancient East

Founded by Dickson Yewn at the turn of the millennium, this line of chic contemporary jewelry entitled "Life of Circle" is deeply rooted in the fine symbology of the ancient Chinese Culture and inspired by the profound philosophy of chinese ancestry. Under the creativity stewardship of Dickson, Life of Circle's several collections of jewelry successfully fuses modern wearability with iconic symbols of the ancient East, making his jewelry wearable reminders of time tested wisdom.

I was introduced to Dickson online through a fellow Tai Tai who had a piece customized for a dear friend's wedding. A black diamond studded floral ring with movable sides. Merely hearing the description made my heart skip a beat! Her friend is so fortunate to receive such a blessing! Thanks to the virtual world, I am happy to be able to share the fruits of Dickson's creativity!
Flowers have always been perceived by the Chinese to be symbols of prosperity, happiness and joy. Associated with the season "Spring", the ring features 2 blooms of diamonds and pink sapphire in white gold. The pendant sprouts Pink Peach Blossoms which symbolize love and joy immortalized in pink sapphires, diamonds, white and contrasting yellow gold. This collection is entitled "Blossom"
Zhu or "Bamboo" is also called "The Gentleman" in chinese botany. Associated with the qualities of great strength, resilience and also great flexibility, this plant is widely used in chinese cultures for items like calligraphy pens, furniture and even chopsticks, hence also symbolizing adaptability and contribution to greater good. Tsavorite has been used to symbolize the leaves of Bamboo. A gentle reminder of qualities we should possess in this modern world.
To "Yum Cha" or literally "Drink Tea" is an integral part of the lives of the Chinese, especially in Hong Kong. Food is innately woven into the fabric of the Chinese culture. The Chinese spend extended amounts of time at tea houses "Yum Cha-ing" or having brunch on off days or on weekends. At these tea houses, they meet friends, neighbours and relatives, catch up on the latest news, exchange opinions of the latest happenings in town, learn about the latest trends and get contacts from one another.

The Pistachio is also known as the "fruit of happiness" in the chinese culture. Dickson Yewn has cleverly immortalized this icon of the chinese culture in a silver pendant in a semi-opened form revealing a pink sliver of happiness and joy!

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